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Instructions to create an introductory video

2022-08-31 |    0

On Mama Tutor, as a tutor, you have a feature to add your introduction video to your profile.

It serves the purpose that if a student land on your profile he/she can see who you are and what are you. It is a very useful feature to use, as it helps your students understand you and know about you and why are you different from the other tutors. So, use this feature to attract more and more students to your profile and for that purpose, we have got a list of guidelines for you on how you can make your video interesting and engaging.

Let's dig in

First of all, you need to know that your video can be one and a half minutes long so try to manage your time according to that. It would be great if the video is less than one minute.

Try to divide your time into the following mentioned points, fairly.

Your intro:

Start the video by introducing yourself. You can start the video by just covering these points:

  1. Your name
  2. Your location (City, district, Province)
  3. Your prior languages
  4. Your main subject

About skills and qualifications:

Now enough with your basic intro, start telling about your qualifications and skills. Mention these points:

  1. Your degree and institute
  2. Your mastered subjects and skills, must be teaching relevant
  3. Your teaching styles
  4. Anything special about you that you want to mention.


Now you are about to wrap up your video, consider talking about these points to wind it up:

  1. Invite them to book your lessons
  2. Motivate them as much as you can
  3. And pay kind regards to them for giving you their precious 1 and a half minutes.
  4. To make a professional video, there are certain rules. The rules will help you to get a pass from our administration bench.

Try following these rules:

  1. The video must be high definition.
  2. The length of the video must be within 1.5 minutes(less than one minute is suggested).
  3. The orientation of the video must be horizontal, not vertical.
  4. You cannot promote your own institute or your personal self. You cannot share your personal information, like your phone number, your email, or your any social media profile, etc., etc.
  5. Try to avoid any material that has another copyright on it.

If any one of these rules seems to be neglected then the administration bench will simply reject your submission.

Here are some more tips for the video shoot:

  1. The video must be clear. Make sure that your camera is still and is not shaking otherwise it will capture a blurry video which we will reject obviously.
  2. Try to capture the video in high definition. For this purpose, you’ll need a good camera but a mobile camera of good quality will work.
  3. The video orientation should be horizontal, not vertical, as described above.
  4. Make sure the lighting is good enough to capture you and your face properly. Try to focus the light on your face.
  5. If the background is clear and not very complicated, then it’ll also be a good help.
  6. Place the camera in front of you at your eye level. It can be a helping hand as well for capturing a good video.

Now here are some tips on how you should behave in your video.

  • You should behave nicely and try to be humble.
  • Show some energy and invite your viewers to have lessons with you.
  • Try to show some enthusiasm so that your students get some positive vibes from your video.

All the above-mentioned rules, regulations, tips, and tricks will help you pass our administration bench and will also help you to grow your audience rapidly.