Refund And Withdrawal Policy


Cancellation and Refund Policy

All the cancellations and Refund issues will be handled according to this policy. Here are some issues on which students can have a refund.

Reported Issue:
    • If the learner has any issue with the tutor during the lesson, the learner can report the lesson within 24 hours of the end time of the lesson. The learner can report these issues to the tutor.
      1. Student was late
      2. Student was absent
      3. Student left early
      4. Teacher was absent
      5. Teacher was late
      6. Teacher left early
      7. Student related technical difficulties
      8. Teacher related technical difficulties
      9. Site related technical difficulties
      10. Lesson status should be Completed
      11. other

    • The tutor will receive a reported issue with the details the student has mentioned. After the report, the tutor will respond accordingly. The tutor is bound to provide a resolution of the reported issue within 2 to 3 working days.
    The tutor can provide these resolutions to the issue reported.
      1. Reset And Unscheduled
      2. Complete And Zero Refund
      3. Complete And 50% Refund
      4. Complete And 100% Refund
    • If the tutor is not resolving the reported issue, the student can reach our support team by contacting us on The MamaTutor Support team will then look into the issue within 3 to 5 working days and contact the tutor on behalf of the learner to resolve the issue.
    Note:  The tutor will not get any credit for the lesson until the tutor resolves the reported issues.
    • When the tutor has resolved the issue, the student will receive a notification.
    • If the student is not satisfied with the resolution provided by the tutor, the student can escalate the issue to the MamaTutor support team within 72 hours of the resolution provided by the tutor.
    • Our team will check the facts of both sides from our admin panel and provide the student with a decision and the decision will be final and non-reversible.
Class scheduling/rescheduling
    1. Once the learner has bought the lesson, the learner can schedule the class according to the availability of the learner and the tutor.
    2. If the lesson start time is more than 24 hours away, the learner can reschedule the class at any time.
    3. If the tutor can't make it, they can reschedule 24 hours before the lesson starts time. The learner will need to schedule the class again.
    4. If the lesson start time is within the next 24 hours, the tutor cannot reschedule the class and can only cancel it.
Class cancellation
    1. After the lesson purchase, the learner has the option to cancel or schedule the class.
    2. Provided that the lesson is scheduled for more than 24 hours in advance, the learner can cancel or reschedule the class at no cost and will receive a full refund of their payment in their wallet.
    3. But if the lesson is scheduled within 24 hours, the learner only has the option to cancel the class. In that case, the learner will get a 50% refund in the wallet.
    4. If the learner cancels the class before scheduling, the learner will get a 100% refund.
    5. If the tutor cancels the class at any time, the learner will get a 100% refund in the account wallet.
Withdrawal Policy:
      • Once the tutor started earning, the money they earn will show up in their wallet. To withdraw earnings from the wallet, there are some rules and regulations:
      1. The balance in your wallet must be above Rs. 2000/-
      2. You can only withdraw once in 15 days. Once you’ve requested a withdrawal, you cannot apply for another withdrawal for at least 15 days.
      3. For the withdrawal request, you should provide your accurate bank details. In case of inaccurate details, MamaTutor is not responsible for payment missing.