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Online tutoring services in Pakistan by best tutors

2022-09-15 |    0

Online tutoring services in Pakistan

Online tutoring services are already offered all over the world. Now it is getting popular in Pakistan. If you want to know how to hire an online tutor, then read the article. Online tutoring is in need because of COVID-19 when it is impossible to go to a specific place for studies. Most schools offer online tutoring to their students to continue their education system during COVID-19. But it was not reliable as online tutoring portals because online learning schools hire their tutors in their locality to continue with them further.

But online learning portals are specially designed for the betterment of both the parties, teacher and student. Due to online portals, pupils can find a perfect tutor for themselves. They explore much more that is not possible in traditional tutoring, like, they can learn different languages, prepare for competition tests, skills, dance, languages and academic subjects, also.

If you want to know;

 What are online learning portals?

 How do online tutoring portals work?

 How much are they beneficial for us?

 How do we hire a tutor?

 And much more things to explore. Then dig in deep with us;

What is online tutoring?

Online tutoring is a system where teachers and students link up through the internet. For online learning, a stable internet connection and a gadget are enough. You can learn through digital whiteboards, video and audio calls, screen sharing, chats, etc.

Online Tutoring

What are online learning portals?

 Online learning portals are a marketplace where teachers and students come to sign up and find the perfect fit for each other.


Teachers are here to register themselves to offer their services. And make their profile to show their qualification and experience in relevant fields. Also, make an introductory video to enhance their profile.


Students are here to find the perfect fit for themselves. Here, they experience a world-class tutor just one click away. They can explore many things rather than academics which is not feasible in traditional tutoring.

How do online tutoring portals work?

Well, every tutoring portal has a different operating system. But in mama tutoring, we provide a platform to the teachers and students to find the best solution for each of them. In mama tutor, you have the option of individual learning as well as group learning. You can directly coordinate with the teacher and decide the schedule, fees, and learning style (individuals, group).

How to hire a tutor?

It is easy to hire a tutor in the mama tutoring portal visit the website or sign up (free of cost) and search for the tutors according to your requirements. Also, view their profile and introductory videos. Then contact them and decide the fee with the tutor.

 How online tutoring beneficial for us?

There are several benefits of online tutoring some major are here in details:

Availability of expert tutor:

It is almost impossible in Pakistan to learn with world-class experts. The students are oppressed to learn with the traditional method but know it is possible. Throughonline learning marketplace, pupils can choose the best tutor for themselves. They know everything about the teacher they are going to hire. It was not possible before. In mama tutor, many experts have registered from all over the world. You can hire them according to your requirements.

Low cost:

Due to online learning portals, you can reduce your cost as well. You have to pay the fee decided by your tutor, also no traveling expenses that you have spent before in the traditional learning method.

Study in your comfort zone:

In online learning, you can enjoy learning in your comfort zone as you have never experienced prior. You can take a class from anywhere during traveling. You never miss a class anyway.

Schedule flexibility:

In online learning, you and your teacher are independent of the time for the class. Also, you can reschedule the genre according to your comfort if needed.

Learn advanced technology:

In online learning, you are close to gadgets. So, you have more time to explore them. Moreover, you can learn advanced technology through different courses. Now, you can hire technology experts through mama tutor to learn technological skills and be able to compete with the world.

Advance online learning

Individual and group classes:

Most tutoring platform offers individual learning. In mama tutor, you can take group classes also, which could be small groups or large groups.

1. Individual learning

Individual learning is suitable for weak students who demand extra help or attention. They find it difficult to understand the lesson with the number of students.

2. Small group

In the small group, 2 to 10 students can take one class at a time to a teacher. In these classes, we can learn languages and dance, etc.

3. Large group

In the large group, we allow 100 students to take a class.

Payment methods

At mama tutor, we offer different methods of payment to the tutors. You can use any of them like, visa / master cards, Easypaisa, Upaisa, and through bank accounts.


All in all, this is some basic information about our online tutoring portal. You can hire a tutor according to your requirements and experience world-class tutoring in your comfort zone. Due to technological advancement, if we want to compete with the world. Then we had to bring innovation to our education system, which is only possible through online learning. Traditional learning methods are also an old and expensive method of learning. Their teachers are not highly qualified because they want to low investment and high profit. So, that’s the way they choose teachers who are not experienced and qualified.

So, it’s time to change the learning style. I hope this article is helpful for you to opt for the best for you. If you like it, then share it with your friends, family, and groups. Moreover, if you have any questions in your mind regarding online tutoring, you can contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible.