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How you can start online earning on MamaTutor?

2022-09-26 |    0

Everyone wants part-time online earnings to maintain their expenses. For those who are interested in the teaching profession here is the opportunity for them. Mamatutor.com is an online earning marketplace for tutors where you can teach or learn any subject, language, or skill. It's an online educational portal where you can earn money by teaching anything in which you have expertise. Here we are going to discuss in detail how you can become a tutor and earn money respectfully at mamatutor.

Complete your profile and share it on social media

Make sure your profile is complete and share it on your social media circle. Ask your friends to support you by referring you to others and learning from you. You can also email your profile to your contacts and ask them to forward it to the relevant person who they think might need your services. Invite your previous students to join and have remote lessons from you on MamaTutor. Send them your customized profile URL. Send SMS, WhatsApp, and emails. These are the ways to enhance your online earnings.

Complete tutor profile

Gift some lessons

Send Gift Cards to your students and pay for their first lesson, they will come back for more. MamaTutor has a very helpful option available. Navigate to the Gift card options in your dashboard and send it to your prospective student. They can redeem that gift card and can book lessons with you.

FREE Trial Lesson

Offer free trials to new coming students. This will help your new coming students build trust with you. Give them warm welcome in the trial lesson, introduce yourself and help them with the online lesson space. Make them comfortable with taking online lessons with you and help them with their subject as well.

Stay Online

Stay online, checking your notifications, Chats, and Email notifications. These are keys to getting more online earnings from any marketplace on the internet. Make sure you have synced your google calendar in your profile. So, you don’t miss any notification from the student. Usually, students contact 3 to 4 tutors at the same time and go with the one who replies first and is available first.

Introduction Video

Record a video of yourself on your phone or professional camera, and introduce yourself. Tell me about your experience and expertise. Tell me why should someone hire you for help. People tend to hire those who are professional, focused, and polite. MamaTutor has already mentioned instructions and guides on creating an introduction video.

Blogging – attract more students

Start writing about what you’re passionate about. Tell your story to everyone and ask others to join you. Make a difference and stand out. Write blogs and send them to us. We will publish your blog on our website. This will bring you more audience to your profile and hence, you will get more students. Here you can find guest blog submission guidelines on MamaTutor.

Review and Ratings

Maintain your profile; Student reviews and ratings will be visible to your profile. Good ratings and stats will help you get more students. After every lesson, encourage your student to give you an honest review and rating. This will really help other students make decisions accordingly. With more positive reviews, more students will be comfortable choosing you as their no. 1 priority. The result will be in the form of more online earnings which you can easily withdraw anytime.

reviews and ratings

Increase Your Availability

Availability Calendar: Make sure you choose your availability as you’re truly available for teaching. Choose the booking type from immediate, 12 hours, or 24 hours before the lesson. The ‘Immediate’ booking type will help your students make decisions faster and tend to choose you as a tutor. The more you’re available, the more will be the number of students booking lessons with you and ultimately increase your income.


Biography: Tell your readers why they should choose you as their mentor. Make an impression in your bio and make them choose by telling them what they want to read.

Engage your lessons

Standout: Make your teaching style so attractive and compelling that every student always comes back to you to buy more and more lessons from you. Prepare your lesson before the class. Ask your student about what they want to focus on in the lesson and prepare accordingly.

Update your Devices

MamaTutor recommends taking lessons on the computer or a good laptop in most cases where the bigger screen is required i.e., math lessons, science lessons, and English lessons. You may use your mobile to take music lessons or singing lessons where you may not need a bigger screen. However, you can double-check your microphone, camera, and other tools that you might need for the lesson to avoid technical issues. To read about the technical requirements, click here. You can also attend live webinars on particular days where you can learn how you can maximize your earnings on mamatutor.com and how you can teach online on MamaTutor.

Group lessons

This is a great way to attract more students. Some students are shy enough to take one-to-one lessons from you or maybe they can’t afford your one-to-one lessons. Here come group lessons, you can offer small group lessons on mamatutor.com for a lower price. This will definitely boost your profile ratings on MamaTutor. To learn how you can set up group lessons, click here.

Group Classes

Discount Offers

Give your returning students discounts. Set your price slabs for students, and give them the discount price on buying more lessons from you. There are two ways you can offer discounts to your students.

a.      Pricing slabs: Enter less price for lessons for more than 5 hours and more discount on buying more than 9 hours. For example: let’s assume your student wants to buy 4 lessons from you and your price slap says 1000 rupees per hour for the first 4 lessons [1-4]. Then, on buying lessons for 5 to 9 hours, you can set the price at 900 rupees as you want to. On buying more lessons from 9 to 100 lessons at the same time, you may offer them a price of 700 rupees per hour/lesson. Watch the video, on how you can set your price slabs.

b.     Go to your existing students tab in your dashboard and lock the discount price you want to offer. Let it be a 10% discount on all the lessons your student may buy from you in the future. Note: This option is for your existing student who has taken any lessons from you in the past. Watch the video

Here comes a question, how much I can make as a tutor on MamaTutor?

Why not we do some calculations? Let’s say your hourly rate is Rs.1000/- per hour and you do 8 hours of teaching on MamaTutor and you work on weekdays only (26 days per month).

So, 1000 x 8 x 25 = 200,000/- rupees per month. Obviously, you’re not going to get all home, MamaTutor will deduct its commission of 20% from the total amount you earn. So, 200,000 x 80% = 160,000 rupees will all yours. What else do you want if you can earn by working only 8 hours per day from the comfort of your home? The earnings are subject to change depending on your knowledge, experience, and skills. You may increase or decrease your hourly rate depending on your knowledge and skills. MamaTutor is the first online education platform in Pakistan that enables work from home. It will empower the economy of Pakistan and women of Pakistan especially.  You can request a withdrawal of your earnings from your tutor dashboard profile.

online earning at mamatutor


In short, either you’re a teacher who teaches any subject like math, science, or English or you know any language that you think you can teach others, or maybe you’re a technical person who knows computer skills like graphics, video editing, and website development. You can earn money from it just by sharing your knowledge with others. Spread the word, get enough engagement and deliver quality. Complete your profile, offer the relevant subjects, languages, or skills that you are comfortable teaching, set reasonable prices per hour, and offer discount packages for those who want to buy more.

Set your maximum availability in the calendar, and offer FREE trial lessons to get more students. Make sure you start and end the lesson on time and encourage your students to rate and review the after every lesson. This will help your profile be visible at the top of the list. Share your profile on social media, send other potential students gift cards and encourage them to book lessons with you. If you’re a student and want to become a tutor, simply read our blog on how to sign up to become a tutor on mamatutor.com a step-by-step guide. You can also find a tutor for yourself. Happy Learning!

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